Dink is a supporting non-playable character in Zalda Abridged. He is inaudible, as he is only capable of grunting. To this day, only Zalda understands him. Sucks to be us players.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Dink was born into a small pottery family, only knowing that work will get them by. but unfortunately, Dink was a troublesome child. He liked to smash things, particularly pots. In order for the family business to get Dink to obey (somewhat), they placed pots with rupees inside out on the 6 meter tall grass. From that day forth he was Dink, the Pot Slayer, smasher of pots, slicer of grass, dispenser of destruction.

Vow of SilenceEdit

Dink was never always inaudible. He was a very talkative lad. But it wasn't until that fateful day. During the Celebration of Victory of the Ten Year War, whom the race of elves have triumphed over the mighty Trololols several hundreds of years ago, he heard a strange creaking sound coming from the Old Man's house. As the curious lad he was, he peaked into the window and saw the old man... doing questionable things to... what appears to be a little boy (there is still no evidence to this day). The Creepy Old Man saw Dink peeking into the window, and gave him a wink in return. In shock, Dink was unable to speak with the authorities about what he had witnessed, and would carry on to be a scar for the rest of his life.

Training for Combat, Dink StyleEdit

Dink learned his only way to communicate was through hard training. He realized that pots around the city were getting stronger, thicker, and tougher. He needed strength. He learned that if he rolled in a direction, he gained additional velocity that he could add as power. So he learned to roll as efficiently as possible, while swinging a sword, which provided some power towards his strikes. Overtime, he became strong enough to smash even the strongest pots that Eluryh could provide.

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