Early LifeEdit

This one chicken wasn't always angry at people. She was a nice chicken. Loved every child that played with her (although she does loathe the ones that pluck her feathers.)

The HatredEdit

If was a fine sunny day, and the chicken was just going out for a gentle stroll. But she was suddenly attacked by a guy in green clothes. She started to run, but he kept chasing across the lawn, the tavern floor, the hilly fields, even the mountains. Finally, after they reached to her home farm, he picks her up after a long chase. But only to be thrown back into a pen that she started in. What. The. Hell.

The DangersEdit

This chicken (hen, whatever) stopped trusting children. She pecked at whatever hand came close to her, even her owner. She would never forgive such a tragedy.

Role in the GameEdit

She will forever point her wing at you as though she is watching you. She will only harm you if you come too close. She doesn't actually do damage, just causes some pecking.

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