The Legend of the "Fabled Hero"Edit


The legend was passed from adult to child for generations... although some alterations include the adults being the hero, rather than the original hero, who's name shall not be mentioned. More like it cannot be mentioned, because nobody knows the name. Long ago, upon the land that had no name, was raised in harmony and peace. But an evil rose to power upon the land, and the name it went by, was Canon. They somehow know the name of Canon, but not the hero? we have some lame historians here. Anywho, Canon reigned terror upon the lands, but the four Goddesses rained hell on him, and destroyed the land even more. He went poof, but the land was in complete ruin, mostly from the Goddesses' wrath. When they asked the living beings on the land how he ruled, he was just and fair, despite his evil demeanour. So the Goddesses felt a need to make the world anew, and used their power for such... but the living beings didn't seem to like their new world.

The Four GoddessesEdit

The Shy Goddess of SassEdit

The Goddess of Sass didn't like all the confident mammals of the planet, so she instilled shyness into half of the species. Now majority of the males tend to get friendzoned by every other female. Whether she is proud of it, who knows? I don't.

The Cowardly Goddess of BraveryEdit

The Cowardly Goddess of Bravery was definitely cowardly. But if she wanted to, she'll kick butt. But she didn't like everyone being so brave. Nobody was afraid of anything, so she selected a map cartographer, known as Tinkle, to map the entire world of Eluryh. Sadly, Tinkle never got as far as a town and a castle, as she was too afraid of EVERYTHING to be of any real use.

The Cruel Goddess of CompassionEdit

The Cruel Goddess of Compassion was grateful for all the compassionate beings that lived on the land. So she created people.

The Awkward Goddess of Bad-AsseryEdit

The Awkward Goddess of Bad-Assery was a rather awkward god. She always liked making things cool and whatnot, but she always drops on the floor... then the trololols were born... on the world, and they wrecked havoc on the townspeople that were created by the Cruel God of Compassion. This did not bode well.

The Present Legend Edit

The present legend is not as different from before, but the hero himself (or herself) changes from time to time. Today the legend goes as such:

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