Introduction Edit

The Trollolols were an ancient and powerful civilization that existed more then an eon ago. Their civilization was created from the unified tribes that existed in ancient Eluryh. Other then the lands conquered and many technological revelations(many of which have been lost to time) they were known for. The Trollolols had a reputation for being extremely sassy, witty, and loved making jokes which were sometimes inapropes.

History Edit

The original Troll, Unifier and Queen of the Trollolols, Luiziazies, started the tradition of building incredibly complex and technologically advanced temples to praise a Magical Holy Relic known only as "The Tears of impotent Rage". Legend has it that these tears were actually the energy source behind the power weilded by the Trololols. but others think (with good reason) that they were nothing more then liquid Viagra. None the less, the Trollolols were a powerful and fearsome race, at first...they eventually succumbed the their own gluttony, as feeding the Trollolols was a common tourist attraction at the height of their power.

However, after several centuries of being fed with lols, the Trollolols became somewhat domesticated, and would even attack tourists that they had associated with food, kind of like bears. So the current King of the time decided on a decree that "Thou shalt not feed thy Trollolols". Unfortunately for the Trollolols, they were now incapable of feeding themselves the usual egotistical nutrients they require, and the last Trollololo died out over a century ago from lack of attention. What little is left of the Trollolols can be found in old ruins and shreds of technology, however, their closest living relative, the modern chicken, seems to have kept the Trollolols sassy disposition.

Physical Description Edit

Trollolols were a very tall race, standing on average 1 meter higher then the average person. Physically they looked a bit like humans, but with key differences, the most notable being their extreme size and a short but feathery tail. They also had long hair which was coloured either Blood Red or Dark Blue, and their skin ranged in all colours of the rainbow. For close combat they bore large fangs and nails that curled into claws, but later on used elegant weaponry. Being much larger and stronger then almost anyone else at the time allowed them to conquer other races with ease. It is said that a single Trollolol could pick up a large boulder with one hand, and make themselves Lol tea and biscuits with the other. Indeed, their incredible appetite for Lol tea and biscuits eventually played a part in their downfall, making them all fat, fidgety, and (strangely) fluffy. Yes, at the end of their reign, the Trollolols developed a coat of fluffy feathers covering almost their entire body. No one today really knows why this happened, but many suspect that this is due to their frequent intake of magical byproducts of "The Tears of impotent Rage" combined with the massive quantities of caffeine in the Lol tea . However, regardless of how they grew feathers, many scholars today agree that the modern chicken is a direct descendant of the ancient Trollolols, due to various scientificness and mumbo jumbo studies quantum neutronparticles and stuff.

Diet Edit

The Trollolols were known to drink a concoction called "Lol tea" which when drank, caused extreme bouts of sassiness and mixed anxiety. but was known to make a Trollolol rocket into the air 200 meters while screaming about how little sleep they get on weekdays. But before they started to binge on Lol tea and biscuits, they had a very developed style of cuisine which gave rise to many delicious dishes, many of which are known today; Rocktupus dumplings, Kektike soup, Rupee Stew, and Rack of Moblar are but some of the tasty dishes that were invented by the Trollolol chefs of old.

Notable Figures Edit

The Original Troll Edit

The original Troll, Unifier and Queen of the Trollolols, Luiziazies, was the first "official" Trollolol. Before her, the Trollolols were known as Omnomnoms, living in caves or forests, and feared as monsters by other races. They were a tribal society with many different clans fighting against each other and not much peace to be had, other then the occasional comedy sketches they would perform when bored. Luiziazies however, had a dream to unify her people under a new banner and shed the retched title of Omnomnom. The daughter of a Clan Warlord, Luiziazies was especially small compared to other Trollolols, and was often mistaken as human by members of other races. Despite her small stature, she was known for her fearlessness in combat and intuitive grasp of what was called "The Art of Troll", which was a fancy way of saying that she was really good at f***ing with people. A closet philosopher, it is she that put in motion the Trollolols interests into technology, and when she was done conquering, she created learning institutions which allowed the Trollolols to advance as a race. Alas, Luiziazies would be stricken with grief had she known the eventual fate of her people, but she died happy and surrounded by her family at the ripe old age of 95. Her last words were said to be: "Y'all better not f**k this s**t up" so maybe she was a little worried after all.

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