Zalda is the main protagonist of the game.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Zalda was born into the royal family with magic powers, as it was inherent in her bloodline. Although she was... different from the other princesses. She wanted to explore, get out into the world, not play with dolls and be pampered all day (although she does enjoy the pampering at times). When she was around the age of 10, she started to become... sassy. Every time someone tried to smart remark against her, she always had something to say back. At the age of 14, during her official princess crowning moment, the Quadforce of Sass presented itself in front of her. It didn't like the crown though, so it made the crown disappear. The crown was being a bitch towards it.

==Meeting Dink==

Zalda never liked any of the suitors that were brought to her. She either sassed them off or they were too scared to commit against her sassiness. But there was one. The one that would be perfect for her. Perfect as he can deal with her sassiness. One that will commit himself to her. But he wasn't exactly the smartest of the bunch. Dink, who had a knack at breaking pots, came across Zalda one day. She was enjoying her walk outside the palace, smacking Octorocks on the head for shooting rocks at her, when Dink rolled out of the brushes and smashed 16 pots without breaking a sweat. Zalda approached him with a greeting, but Dink was inaudible. "Hyah!" he replies. We, the players, won't understand a single thing he's trying to say, but Zalda seems to understand him perfectly.

==Her Adventure?==

Despite being given the Quadforce of Sass, there was no way to tell where the other pieces were. So one random day, she decides to go explore the further reaches of the lands. She asks Dink to accompany her. He still replies with the usually "Hyah!", but like I said, only she understands him. When she reached an all too familiar fork in the road, there was a giant X on the ground. She sighs heavily and goes with the ever-so-obvious trap. Skeletons drew the net from underground, and Canondork enters the scene on his mule of a horse, Bessy. In his most evil-yet-lamest evil speech, he leads her to a cell in Castle Worfendale. Where was Dink you asked? He went off a path and was smashing a line of pots that Canondork laid out earlier, as a distraction.


==Magic Blast==

Zalda uses a magic blast to strike enemies with a single shot in a straight line. It has a medium range but has a powerful knockback. This spell is the only spell that will have dual functions. (Picture here)

===Primary Function===


===Secondary Function===

It can push and pull things. You can only push things at first. Once you get the upgrade from some random person, you'll be able to pull things.


IT BLOCKS THINGS, K? Well... anything in a 360 degree... SO YEAH, IT BLOCKS THINGS. She acquires this spell from NPC 3 before entering the creepy old farts' house.


This spell is a single target ability. Can only target an enemy or an object. It stops stuff. Nuff said.

==Mystic Bomb==

BOMBS AWAY! Mystic bomb is a single function dual action tool that can be placed and acts as an Area of Effect (Aoe) weapon. It's also used to break down them secret doors. Like the one on your left.

=Fun Facts=

Zalda likes cats.

Only Zalda understands what Dink is trying to say.

To this day, nobody is sassier than Zalda.

Zalda has yet to have a proper boyfriend.

The Narrator is actually her closest friend. They just like to bicker at each other for fun. But to the dismay of the narrator, she always seems to have the upper hand.

Zalda likes the colour purple.

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