Welcome to the Zalda Abridged Wiki

This wikia is the history of the game Zalda Abridged. This Wiki serves no other purpose than to entertain the peasants that play this game. This site can be accessed through a QR Code in game, when Zalda looks through the final dungeon.

How to find the QR CodeEdit

Look for it. It's a god damn Easter Egg for a reason.


Plot... Yeah, plot... uhh... A fabled hero is supposed to save the land from this evil guy named Canondork. Sadly, Canondork has to help his mother do some chores, so he hired a bunch of skeletons to capture Princess Zalda. How they caught her? She was having a nice brisk walk with Dink slashing brushes behind her. And as Zalda approached a fork with a tree above it, there was a giant red X on the ground. She even heard the rattling of bones in the tree. She knew peaceful times were too peaceful, so she went with the trap anyways.

Now she awaits at Castle Worfendale for the rescue from Dink, who is still happily cutting brushes and smashing pots.

Latest activityEdit

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